At Your Lowest

by Binary Heart

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released July 24, 2011

Mike Costa: Vocals and Guitars
Recorded at: Sun-Dried Tomatoes Studios,
Engineered by: Tom Malinowski at Cellar Door Studios,
Cover Photo: Joelle Andres


all rights reserved



Binary Heart

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Mike Costa: Vocals, Guitars
Steve Wozniak: Bass
Erica Clayton: Keyboards, Vocals
Jon Greco: Guitar

(Band photo by Nick Karp)
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Track Name: Winterhaven
Don't expect me to call you, I have better things to do with my time on your birthday
I'm sure you'll be plenty busy, making your weekend plans with friends for a night you won't remember

It will be a night where you will render syntax useless
And shine a bright light on the subject of distress
And realize your emotions are falsely professed

But one thing is sure, it'll be great
You'll love the attention, your increasing heart rate
Will decrease with every drink that you put down

Well I, don't have to worry, you have the company of someone else on your day with special meaning
I'm sure, my value is worthless to you, or else your lies wouldn't have found a way to get past your lips

Would it kill you to think that I'm happy without you
Or make you crack smiles if I'm lonely without you
Now I know I should live my life without you

For one thing, it shows you have changed
Your actions have proved your morale's not the same
Nothing will mend the mistakes that you've made now
And I'll move on somehow

Cause I understand now that the time I've spent investing in your love
Was really invested in a lie
I've given my best, then my best became just good enough for you
I'll be ok because,

I'll hope you know, I'm happy without you
It makes me smile, cause I'm living without you
I'll choke down these shots, while toasting your memory

Cause the one thing I'm doing today is drinking in celebration that I
Won't be there to increase your heart rate
and hope yours decreases with every drink I put down
Track Name: The Lucky Ones
We wander now, hopeless
The kiss we shared, is now a memory
I made mistakes, and wear them
Like tattered clothes, for my weddings first dance
So if I'm dreaming, wake me up

To face the dawn, and process
The past night, without the fog of alcohol
In which I learned, the fire
Deep in your heart, thrives on something more than this
I just hope I'm what you need

The silence created makes it just that much harder to think
I lie awake at night reliving every word between every drink
Anticipation transcends sleep of dreaming to see you again
And pray that things between us stay the same.

We have regrets, we show them
with our actions that differed from before
And they speak more than we have
in the last week, oh how I miss those conversations
I'm just trying to understand

The miscommunication got lost between both of our lips
Romances form from an alcohol induced friendly kiss
Some loves will last forever, and be glad about their mistakes
While others tend to walk away ashamed.

I wander now, hopelessly
Holding on, to a spark I thought that burned
deep in your heart, yet still I
Can't help but think
We could've been the lucky ones.
Track Name: Suicide Booth
To Whom it may concern:

I'm sorry for this letter, I present to you tonight
Because I've tried things differently but it turns out the same for me
Getting up by 5 and out of work by 9
And all this social deprivation left me empty and hollow inside,
the shell I had was once filled with hope
Taken over by a work ethic and schedule for sleep, that all my dreams are slipping far from the string I hold

In all my life, I tried to be the one who never forgot what was home
But now my life, consists of being too far gone to go back to that home
or will I?

I have seen better, I've lived a better life than the life that I live now
before my response to responsibility was staying in the music scene and giving up my dreams just to make all ends meet
My feelings subside with the bills stacked so high, that I couldn't afford to go down that road that was filled with laughter and dreams, adult responsibilities that forces me to stay at this financial stability
And now I have the money, just no meaning to living this life, I haven't seen the friends I have in weeks
And the music that I put all of my blood and sweat into, its the time to do it all again I seek

In all my life, I tried to be the one who never forgot what was home
But now my life, consists of being too far gone to go back to that home
or will I?

My days are close to numbered, so count on me to end this all before it ends me first
And I'll be counting seconds before my untimely demise gets any worse
As you read this letter, please don't think any worse of me, because I'd rather be here with you

In all my life, I tried to be the one who never forgot what was home
But now my life, consists of being too far gone to go back to that home
Before I go, I'd like to say all the cliche things that you ought to know
And on that note, I'll end this by signing off the way I always do.

Peace and love,
Track Name: The Choices You Make
There are little moments you caught my eye its when you'd say something endearing and then before you walk away, you'd shoot a smile

It made me think that your heart was exposed to the ideas of us, i supposed all those moments started to compile

So I told you "I love you"
But you took your time
To formulate a response
Much different than mine
Now if only I believed those words were true
I could be free

Congenial meetings have been fading into close to nothing, I'm waiting while our conversations slowly unwind

Then there came the day with wistful reproach as if knowing my heart would just close with a notion you've kept fresh on your mind

you told me you were leaving
I pleaded please stay
that hid behind my lips
as you walked away
if only i believed those words would make something change

We could be free from all the hidden games we play
ignoring the fact that honesty could kill the flames
instead the beauty in your eyes don't match words that you say

Face value has a way of hiding things that you believe
But lies conceal your wants and not your needs

You should be free

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