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Maybe You and Me

by Binary Heart



Wait, before the results
Please take a seat by my side
Let's discuss the things that could change our lives
Decisions like this don't come easily

Fact: the things that we both want
conflict with other things in our life
Now holding tight to dreams as we curse the night
where seconds feel like years, and unknowingly

You just sat there in silence

Light, dimly fills this room
And silhouettes the face that you show
staring through the aperture in my window
awaiting the path that our lives will lead

You still sat there in silence
breathing calmly, still and patient
Wish I could take your hand and hold you close
and tell you everything will be ok

Your lips, quiver with a thought
I barely read before your eyes swell
absconding tears like they have a tale to tell
now's not the time to keep secrets dear

Your voice, painful with every word spoke
Inciting that the actions were something provoked
Hazily scrambling for some sort of sign to make this clear

I said I was sorry
but your eyes made me worry
So I drove you home with nothing left
But doubts that we would be the same again

your head lifted easy and your eyes pierced right through me
and now i know you like your quiet place but please don't shut me out before this night ends
talk to me without regrets for things that you may say will surely offend
I'd rather honest conversation than pacifying words with a sincere sound
don't hold it back, I'll hold you close, And maybe you and me will be just fine
we'll be just fine


released June 19, 2014


all rights reserved



Binary Heart

Also available for free at www.quoteunquoterecords.com/qur081.htm

Mike Costa: Vocals, Guitars
Steve Wozniak: Bass
Erica Clayton: Keyboards, Vocals
Jon Greco: Guitar

(Band photo by Nick Karp)
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